Sunday, 7 May 2017

How BigPond Technical Support Phone Number help you to connect Bigpond email to Outlook

How BigPond Technical Support Phone Number help you to connect Bigpond email to Outlook

Bigpond is the most famous ISP which offers high-quality internet access in Australia through its diverse modes.  Its webmail services are quite reliable and everyone wants to acquire most of its features which are possible through BigPond Technical Support Phone Number. Not only it will help you in connecting your Bigpond email to Outlook, but also solve your continuous issues you might face during the course. If you have an email address in BigPond you can configure, transfer, add and migrate your accounts to outlook too. If you are willing to connect to a web-based email account like outlook seeking help from a trained and experienced team is especially useful.
Some of the steps you can try are as follows: -
First login using your email address and password
Go to settings that allow you to manually set-up your email in Outlook.
Go to file and select add account.
Select manual setup button below your email account on auto account setup screen.
Choose service like connect to a POP or IMAP email account.
Next, choose your email address for the account name and enter your password then.
Enable outgoing authentication on both outgoing and incoming server.
Enter incoming and outgoing server ports and authentication on the advanced tab.
Return to Add Account Screen by clicking “OK” button.

Even if you are not able to follow these steps or having turbulence while processing you can get live support using BigPond Technical Support Phone Number. Sometimes it seems like okay during setting mail but in the long run, you may notice that the email only comes through your actual BigPond account. At that time you can get countless support just by calling toll-free no. 1-800-614-419 without having a single thought.Stay connected with us to get more support and services.

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